We are proud to inform that FONICA F 802 was featured in one of the biggest magazine for audiophiles POSITIVE FEEDBACKN

„…..This sound can be described in but a few words, and then differentiated further within their scope. Each record has its own depth and "weight." With the Viola, there are no light and trivial discs. It is an obvious homogenizing of the presentation, but what kind of homogenizing it is! With the Fonica, there are no sharp and bright sounding discs. I have no doubt that it means bringing the records to a similar level. At the same time, however, it gives an incredible comfort in listening to even old, technologically inferior discs. Everything sounds smooth and nice. And last but not least, there are no dry sounding discs with the Polish turntable. There is always a strong lower midrange and upper bass. And the whole presentation is based on a deep foundation that has a pretty tonal quality…”




We inform you with pleasure that wolds most populsr Audio Magazine has published test of our Turntable Fonica F-600.
"...The F-600 is rich, dense and strong. It differentiates various recordings nicely and makes the good ones sound remarkably good."
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