Turntable Fonica F-601

New version of a excellent turntable equipped with an Audio Fonica tonearm. F 601 is a non decouped turntable and its construct is designed to have not olny high mass for avoiding any vibration but also an attractive look for the eye. F- 02 tonearm is made entirely of brass and black anodised aluminium. Materials used in it only confirm our „non-compromise” policy. The arm also allows the user to make many adjustements to achieve the desired sound.
The gravity center is place very low to achieve the best level of eliminating any horizontal vibrations. Three brass studs with rubber absorbers on which the turntable is seattled ensure percect isolation from the ground.
Stability and integrity of arm with the device was achieved with solid brass base unit.

Reliability and precision combined with excellent materials guarantee immaculate leading of the needle minimizing arizing resonances.

The top quality sliding bearing guarantees whisper-quiet operation, reduced system vibes and longevity.

The outer part supporting the turntable is supported by the bead made of zirconia- material with strength comparable to that of diamond. Efficient absorbers separating the motor from the base provide the optimal isolation between the phonograph structure vibrations and the drive unit. The motor controller is equipped with a modern high-precision performance system and provides excellent rotation speed controlled by a dedicated generator.

A perfect coupling between the motor and the turntable ensures perfect transmission, eliminating the undulating rotation and providing damping of the motor at the same time. Internal connections between the arm and the sockets are made of high quality interconnects. Gold-plated sockets minimizing resistance and capacitance of connections provide an excellent signal quality from inserts.
F 601 comes in two finishes:
Refferance - brass
Black Edition – all elements are black