Gramofon Fonica F802

Yet another unique version of our most recognised turntable dedicated to the most demanding users. Fonica F 802 is equipped with a brilliant tonearm designed by our engeneers.
The base of this turntable is composed of high quality granite. That solid body provides the necessary support that eliminates any vibrations.
Solidity combined with excellent precision and best resources make the F 801 a gramophone that leads the stylus perfectly while minimalizing any resonance.
Just like in the F 800 and F 801 the center of gravity in the turntable is placed as lowest possible – that solution provides further vibration elimination. The Basis is settled on three brass studs which isolate it from the ground.
We pride ourselves on using only the best parts possible so the slide bearing installed in the 801 is not only soundless and still but also can serve our customers for years.
Inside the bearing you will find a ball composed out of zirconium dioxide – a material which hardness can be compared to diamond.
The power unit is fully separated from the turntables base what isolates and eliminates its tremble.
Its motor controller is equipped with a state-of-the-art system that is characterized by its precision and which provides the ideal rotational speed regulated by a dedicated generator. The rotation is also precisely stabilized, what has a direct impact on the sound quality, thanks to the usage of a processor timed by a quartz resonator. Konstrukcja speedboxa poprzez kilkukrotną zamianę prądu zmiennego na stały i z powrotem na zmienny dodatkowo zapewnia całkowitą niewrażliwość prędkości obrotowej od zakłóceń sieci energetycznej a także bez problemu może być stosowany w sieciach o różnych parametrach, zarówno 50 Hz jak i 60 Hz.
The F 03 tonearm is made with our „no compromise” policy. In its construct we used only the best quality materials and as usual avoided anything synthetic. It is finished with brass and anode which toughness is up to 60 degrees in Rockwell scale. Furthemore the tonearm allows the user to make numerous diffarant adjustements.
The inside links between pick-up arm and the seatings are made out of select materials. Golden sockets minimalize the resistance as well as the link capacity providing a perfect quality of the signal coming out of the cartridge.

F 802 comes in three finishings:

Referene – brass;

Black Edition – all parts except the tonearm is balck;

Gold Edition. On special requests we can finish all parts with 24 carat gold.

Furthemore the plinth can made of differant granite colour if desired.