Fonica F900 VIOLIN

The F900 is a designer turntable made by Audio Fonica which is targeted for people who appreciate the best quality of sound as well as the incredible design.

In the "Violin" we have used the same tried and true solutions that worked so good in the F 600 - materials such as zirconium dioxide used in the well-known bearing, fully separated power unit, high quality seatings and the same proven processor timed by a quartz resonator. All of this ensures that even the most demanding listeners will be amazed by the remarkable sound of their favorite records.

New in the F 900 is the SME M2-9 pick-up arm that provides even better sound quality. Above it all the F 900 Violin astonishes with an extraordinary design that can fit in a modern studio as well as a living room giving it a tasteful and nostalgic charm.
The turntable comes in brass, metallic or black finishing but we also offer the Gold Edition where all of the metal parts are covered with gold.

Power consumption [W]: 13.3
Inverter voltage [V AC]: 18
Pick-up arm length [mm]: 233,2
Pick-up arm effective mass [g]: 9,5
Pick-up arm shape: straight Signal/noise ratio [dB]: -80
Stylus: not included Belt-drive: yes
Turntable diameter[mm]: 298
Speed [rpm]: 33 and 45
Weight [kg]: 10,1
Measurements [mm]: 570 x 340 x 142
Warranty: 24 months