Dear Customers,


After months of work we are ready to manufacture our own signature tonearms. We are very proud with that accomplishement and happily present to you our  two newest designs– both made with our „no compromise” policy. In these tonearm constructs we used best quality materials and as usual avoided anything synthetic. Both are finished  with brass and anode which toughness up to 60 degrees in Rockwell scale.


The two new models are:

F - 2 (used in F601) and

F - 3 (used in F 802 oraz F 901)

They differ with applied bearings.


Tonearm specifications:

1. Lenght: 9"

2. Overhang: 9,47 mm

3.Effective lenght: 219,13 mm

4.Minmal height above the base: 53 mm

5.Maximal height above the base: 63mm

6.Tonearms depth underneath the base: 28mm

7.Effective mass: 12g 

8.Anti-skating: counter-weight system

9.Arms height adjustement: smoothly with a scroll

10.High quality bearings

11. Silver-covered connectors to the cartridge.